108 Media Is a Home For Unique and Original Content

108 Media

November 2, 2021

108 Media Is a Home For Unique and Original Content

108 Media Is a Home For Unique and Original Content108 Media strives to bring unique and original content to viewers around the world. It can often feel like today’s entertainment is an echo chamber, filled with the same content repackaged to be resold. 108 Media wants to change that, by bringing fresh ideas, new perspectives, and new voices to the table.

108 Media Ecosystem

108 Media is successful in part because it’s an entire entertainment ecosystem. They offer project financing, development and distribution, and branding and marketing.

The ecosystem provides an environment for highly controlled internal production, financing, and licensing verticals. In fact, their goal is to become the largest studio ecosystem in the Asia Pacific.

Cross-Cultural Haven

In today’s divided society, cross-cultural content is more important than ever. Of course, it creates its own unique issues, from development to production to marketing.

In addition to having a full internal ecosystem, 108 Media has 7 locations around the globe. They have two locations in North America, with one in Los Angeles and one in Toronto. They also have a location in London.

In the Asia Pacific region, they have four locations. Tokyo, Manilla, and Kuala Lampur, with their headquarters being in Singapore.

108 Media Partnerships

108 Media partners with many networks and distributors to get content where it belongs, to viewers. They’ve worked with big names including Sony Pictures, HBO, Discovery Channel, Amazon, and Netflix.

Project Development

Lots of people have great ideas, but they quickly find that making their dream content a reality is difficult. In fact, many would-be screenwriters or filmmakers never see their content on the market, because the process can be so difficult.

108 provides a development heaven, instead of hell. They support creators and give them the guidance of more than 100 years of combined experience.

Media Capital and Finance

The development struggle is mirrored by the difficulties of financing a venture. From micro budgets to blockbuster projects, 108 Media can help you finance your project.

They have a wide range of financing options available. These include mergers and acquisitions, equity investment, inventory financing, and credit.

They also walk you through the financing process. They bring extensive experience in cross-border financing, knowledge of monetization, and close industry connections.

Exciting Projects in Development and Recent Releases

108 Media has several series in development, including Darklands. This supernatural thriller follows a Chinese-Uk couple back home to Singapore, where they discover they brought back an uninvited guest.

Ten is a sports drama. The protagonist is Maya, an 11-year-old girl. She assembles a group of misfits. Maya’s father is the coach, but what happens to the team when he returns to England?